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четверг, 26 февраля 2015 г.

Игрушки больших дядей: Структурная схема работы INTERPOL

Когда я был маленький я задавал много вопросов, меня интересовало как это устроенно, как это работает. Когда я стал большим , меня по прежнему интересует как устроенны "игрушки больших дядей". Смотрим как работает INTERPOL


Tools and tech


About the Notices

When a police force in one member country wants to alert others to an international fugitive, missing person or other situation they will issue a notice. The notices have a different colour depending on what they are for.



About the Databases

Police need evidence to catch criminals. When they find a piece of evidence, like a fingerprint, they keep a record of it. But what happens if a police officer in one country needs evidence found in another? They ask INTERPOL, or rather, they search one of INTERPOL's databases. INTERPOL has a number of databases covering all types of evidence from fingerprints to stolen passports, and even DNA profiles. National Central Bureaus (NCBs) in each country can access these tools via the I-link software, which runs on INTERPOL's super secure I-24/7 network. It is a bit like a private internet with its own search engine, just for the police!